Internationalt team

Plättner Electronics Gmbh
High quality manufacturing and development of electronics
Lerchenbreite 8, Plz. 38889 Blankenburg/Harz, Germany
Phone +49 394436720
CEO: Helmut Plättner

Tecvision Gmbh, Germany
Sales and service of all Tecvision products
Kultur- und Technologiezentrum Rathenau
Willhelminenhofstrasse 83-85
Contact:  Martin Heinig  +49 1773005300

Tecvision, Benelux
Sales and service of all Tecvision products
St. Elisabethstraat 38, NL 4273EJ Hank, Holland
Phone +31 (0)162406016
Contact person: Werner Thomas

Tecvision, West Africa
Sales and service of alle tecvision products and specialices in delivery, installation and  maintanence of  digital surveillance solutions
Post box.  3096 Osu- Akra
Phone: +233 -20-81 67 10 9 and +233 -24-40 64 8 86
Contact person: Oku Brown

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