Ollerup Gymnastics College has long been focusing on energy savings. By establishing a new training environment, the choice has fallen on LED lighting, partly due to the great instant saving and short payback time, which is unique in LED lighting.

“The collaboration with Tecvision has been amazing and completely out of business. It’s quality luminaires that provide far better lighting in the training room.”

In cooperation with the Gymnastics College we found that upgrading their current ceiling lighting with T8 pipes, for a more simple and stylish look. To minimize power consumption, we chose to replace all the luminaires for the Tecvision LED ARMATURER, which has given a very stylish and raw expression in the new training room at the school.

ollerup gym


In addition to having a much better lighting, the school has also saved almost 2/3 of the electricity bill in the local area due to its low consumption. CO2 emissions have also been greatly reduced and thus an extra bonus for the environment!

The picture here perfectly illustrates the big difference a Tecvision Led fitting makes to the light and the training environment! To the left, in the room next to the newly renovated room, an old-fashioned T8 tube luminaire is seen, and clearly the difference in light given by the 2 illumination sources.



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